HAVIT LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

HAVIT LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Havit introduced a new LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard to its audience which came as no surprise to most of us. The company made a big impression to its followers and gained new ones with the launch of this mechanical gaming keyboard. Even though it’s not an RGB keyboard the new features is something most of us gamers will enjoy.

While the Havit keyboard can’t compete to the like of Razer’s Black Chroma and The BlackWidow Mechanical Keyboard it surely has a lot in store like affordability, anti ghosting etc:



HAVIT LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

This beautiful and very robust keyboard has a chunky metal body and solid blue bumpers on the sides to protect it from accidental damage. It comes with a gold plated USB connector while the super long cord is covered in a beautiful light grey braided fabric. The keyboard is very robust and got a nice weight to it. This is an OEM profile which is slightly higher than the Cherry MX keyboard. Underneath you’ll find four rubber feet to adjust the level of the keyboard for a better typing experience.


Keys and Backlighting

First the keys have a nice firm feeling (not that mooshy type of feeling) while producing a charming clickity-clack sound when the keys are pressed down. They are individually LED backlit and the colors are very strong and bright. This is a full size keyboard with number pad for easy access for calculations.

Backlit Function Keys

Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

There are 7 different colors to this Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (red, green, yellow, purple, cyan, white and blue) which can be changed in a moment’s notice and can also be turned off by pressing the special lighting key. Several lighting modes can be activated by pressing the Function + Lighting key simultaneously. These three brightness levels (low/medium/high) can be changed by pressing the Function + Up/Down arrow keys.

Lighting Modes

The 4 lighting modes (on/off, single or pulse/breathing, reactive, marquee) while the breathing/pulse and marquee can be adjustable by pressing together the Function + Up/Down arrow keys. The singular color pulse/breathing mode is activated by pressing the Function + Lighting keys. While pressing the Lighting key for in and out color fades.

The transitional breathing/pulse mode is activated by pressing Function + Lighting key when in the single color breathing/pulse mode, it fades the lighting from one color to the next. The marquee mode (press Function + Lighting when in rainbow mode) which can be made to shift the rainbow colors from left to right or right to left using these keys: Function + Left/Right arrow keys.

Then there is the reactive lighting mode by pressing the Lighting key when lights are off which lights up a key and its surrounding keys when pressed, the colors change when any key that is light is pressed again and if nothing happens for a couple of seconds the light will go off.


Final Thoughts

The Havit LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is affordable, practical with a sturdy sleek design with features gamers need to execute the fastest possible attacks on their enemies.