How To Choose The Best Touchless Kitchen Trash Cans

How To Choose The Best Touchless Kitchen Trash Cans

Your Trash Receptacle offers an excellent place for bacteria to grow, not to mention everyday dirt. Now you can keep your hands germ and dirt free with these new Touchless Kitchen Trash Cans.

We’ve all got accustomed to a trash can that we’ve got to lift up the lid with our hands or use a pedal to dispose of rubbish. New automated trash cans can now warn you when you nearing the can to automatically close and open the lid. With Touchless Trash Cans you don’t have to touch the lid except to change the bag, so there’s less chance of cross terminating of germs.

Touchless Kitchen Trash Cans

Below is a brief explanation of what to look for in these Touchless Kitchen Trash Cans:

  • Size: A standard size kitchen trash can holds 13 gallons, the most used size you’ll find for a freestanding kitchen trash can. If you’re looking for a smaller trash can to fit in your bathroom 7- and 4-gallon sizes would your best option. (Though we would call 4 gallons undersized for a kitchen).


  • Material: Stainless steel is the new plastic in Touchless Kitchen Trash Cans. While it won’t absorb odors like plastic cans, though you’ll still need to clean them, but not as regularly as the plastic can. Most stainless steel trash cans have a clear coating around the bin to reduce finger marks and smudges.


  • Power: Hand-free cans typically use batteries or even AC Adapters to operate the lid. These batteries can last up to 1 year depending of frequent use.


  • Ease of use: Touchless Trash Cans use motion sensors to detect motion. And whenever your hand reach the sensor zone the lid will automatically open and close when your hand leaves the sensor zone.


  • Security: For pet owners this is an absolute must. These bins is constructed to keep dogs or cats out of the bin with a lid that seal tightly so pets won’t have a chance to snoop in the bin.


  • Odor Free: Some of these cans even come with odor filters and fragrance cartridges to keep the air around the kitchen smelling fresh. Ultimately eliminates foul odor which can leads to small kids getting sick.

Now that you know what to look for when choosing the Best Touchless Kitchen Trash Can you can read the reviews from the Best Kitchen Aitight Touchless Trash Cans.