Azio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review for Gamers

Azio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review for Gamers

Buying a new mechanical keyboard to match your brand new gaming PC can sometimes be as frustrated as I can imagine. Well not even considering the hefty price tags that some gaming keyboards have. Furthermore choosing the best keyboard that has all the benefits like anti-ghosting, backlighting, responsive feedback and custom profiles with the best price can be a daunting task. Looking at the Azio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard this gamer’s delight could be just up your alley. Features of the Azio Gaming Keyboard include:

• Windows key lock
• Mechanical Key switches
• Easy access to shortcut keys
• Detachable palm rest
• White LED Backlit

Description of Azio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard features:

Azio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Windows key lock: The windows key lock is must have feature for gamers. This feature prevents gamers from accidentally restarting their PC or Laptop when In the middle of battle. The key lock doesn’t have to be programmed to activate. The windows key lock can be found on the bottom left corner between the Alt and Ctrl buttons of the keyboard.

Mechanical Key Switches: These types of switches (mechanical) can be found in most gaming keyboards, especially those that have a higher price tag. Mechanical switches will give the player a better bounce rate and you’ll definitely hear a clickety-clack sound even when typing. Not only will you experience a faster fluctuation of the switches but it can be switched out with different keys. Most mechanical keyboards WASD and arrow keys can be replaced using a key cap puller.

Easy Access to Shortcut Keys: Accessing volume control, documents, e-mail, and a calculator is just a fingertip away. These keys can be found on the top left-hand corner of the keyboard for easy access.

Detachable Palm Rest: Gaming long hours can lead to wrist fatigue and extreme pain in the joints. Azio provided a detachable wrist rest for gamers to help with wrist fatigue so gamers can enjoy longer periods of gamers.

White LED Backlit: Backlighting is also one important feature from this mechanical keyboard. The white LED lights can be set to accompany your taste (low, medium or high). This feature is great for gamers who like to play in darker areas or at night time with no dedicated lights.

Overall Look and Feel

Azio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Azio mechanical keyboard is provided with the gunmetal grey aluminum face plate which makes it look more durable than it is. Underneath you’ll find to extendable feet rest for better support when the keyboard is placed at an upward angle. Also provided with underneath the keyboard is rubber feet securing the keyboard from moving around when playing games or during some casual typing.


Like any gaming peripheral, this keyboard also has its flaws but the PROS heavily overshadow the cons. The keyboard has a plastic key puller and can easily break when you try to replace the keycaps. The keyboard also not water resistant which means there are no water drip feed channels in place for accidental water splashes.

Final Thoughts
Overall the Azio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard makes one nice gaming keyboard for those who are not willing to spend huge amount of cash on a keyboard. Performs and style are as good as can expected from a gaming keyboard under 60 dollars.