AULA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Adjustable Backlight

AULA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Adjustable Backlight

This mechanical gaming keyboard fulfills all of the requirements you need in a gaming keyboard, for much lesser money than most of the keyboards. With the plug and play option it virtually installs itself. The backlit LED lights is bright enough to show the keys in a dark room when playing or even typing.

Although the keys are plastic you won’t even notice a difference in typing. Response rate of the keys are fast enough for what it’s worth even though the keys feel s a bit mushy when key presses is actuated. This one of the best waterproof gaming keyboards and also comes with a keycap plunger and 8 replaceable keycaps. The keys are made with a square hole in the chassis and don’t easily break when replacing or cleaning the keys.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Product description:
1. Space saving design with beautiful grade texture
2. Responsive keys with excellent hand feel
3. Reduce hand fatigue with comfortable hand rest
4. Backlit with 3 LED colors
5. Multiple shortcut keys

Technical Specifications

  1. USB connector
  2. Keyboard weight: 683g
  3. 6 Multimedia keys
  4. Color: Black
  5. Key Force: 50+/-g

Package includes:

  1. Keyboard with 6Feet cable
  2. User Manuel


This keyboard is awesome for gamers or programmers who need a relatively good but affordable keyboard. The keys are all arranged in a very constructible and layout is well made for typists. Backlit is clear and can be adjusted between blue, red and purple which ever should suit your need. The lighting can be adjusted between slowly pulsating, off, low or high.

The only complaint that I’ve found on the keyboard is the positioning of the ENTER Key and the vertical back slash key which has been swapped.  It may take a while to get use to the change of keys especially for typists who use these keys very often.

 Final Thought

This mechanical gaming keyboard which you can buy at a really affordable price makes an excellent choice for students who don’t have the capital for expensive gaming keyboards. This is a no frills no fuss keyboard which I personally can recommend for gamers and even programmers.