The Impacts of Technology on Children

The Impacts of Technology on Children

Children today spend an average of 6 – 8 hours in front of the computer or TV but spend only on average less than 10 minutes a day in a unstructured outdoor play. More than 69% of children age 2 – 5 can operate a computer mouse and even a gaming keyboard. An average of 25% of small children can even open a web browser while statistics show that only 20% of small children can swim unaided. More 2 – 3 year old kids can play a video game whether its on a computer , Smartphone or Tablet while only 52% of kids can ride a bike.


Statistics and Reports of Technology

A report by the Children and Nature Networks warns that the mental health of the 21st. Century kids is at risk because they are missing out on the exposure to the natural world enjoyed by passed generations. As part of schools curriculum children have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while learning physical and mental skill development techniques.


Further studies also shows that twice as many kids as before aged 2 – 7 can play with a Smartphone application while only 11% of them can tie a shoe lays. 28% of Young children can make a mobile phone call while only 20% can dial 911 in case of an emergency. Consumer reports revealed that American shoppers spend $1.8 Billion on mobile phones during 2015 and these numbers will only increase over time with new technological advances hitting the markets.


Technology impacts teens as well. More than 56% of teens say they have been targeted with some sort of online harassment while 29% of teens confirmed to be posting mean information or embarrassing photos of themselves or someone else on the World Wide Web.


A further 21% of teens say they have received nude photo’s from others and half of those performing those acts say that they felt pressure into doing it. 55% of Teens has given out personal information to strangers including photo’s, home address and age. And more than 30% of teens had their personal information made public without their permission. Something has to change because technology has negatively impact our future generation. It’s up to us as their guardians to monitor and teach our children about staying safe online.


Final Thoughts

After all not everything is bad about technology. Technology help us improve our health, lesson our workload, connecting with people and loved ones across the globe and even monitor our homes when we are at work or on vacation.

HAVIT LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

HAVIT LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Havit introduced a new LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard to its audience which came as no surprise to most of us. The company made a big impression to its followers and gained new ones with the launch of this mechanical gaming keyboard. Even though it’s not an RGB keyboard the new features is something most of us gamers will enjoy.

While the Havit keyboard can’t compete to the like of Razer’s Black Chroma and The BlackWidow Mechanical Keyboard it surely has a lot in store like affordability, anti ghosting etc:



HAVIT LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

This beautiful and very robust keyboard has a chunky metal body and solid blue bumpers on the sides to protect it from accidental damage. It comes with a gold plated USB connector while the super long cord is covered in a beautiful light grey braided fabric. The keyboard is very robust and got a nice weight to it. This is an OEM profile which is slightly higher than the Cherry MX keyboard. Underneath you’ll find four rubber feet to adjust the level of the keyboard for a better typing experience.


Keys and Backlighting

First the keys have a nice firm feeling (not that mooshy type of feeling) while producing a charming clickity-clack sound when the keys are pressed down. They are individually LED backlit and the colors are very strong and bright. This is a full size keyboard with number pad for easy access for calculations.

Backlit Function Keys

Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

There are 7 different colors to this Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (red, green, yellow, purple, cyan, white and blue) which can be changed in a moment’s notice and can also be turned off by pressing the special lighting key. Several lighting modes can be activated by pressing the Function + Lighting key simultaneously. These three brightness levels (low/medium/high) can be changed by pressing the Function + Up/Down arrow keys.

Lighting Modes

The 4 lighting modes (on/off, single or pulse/breathing, reactive, marquee) while the breathing/pulse and marquee can be adjustable by pressing together the Function + Up/Down arrow keys. The singular color pulse/breathing mode is activated by pressing the Function + Lighting keys. While pressing the Lighting key for in and out color fades.

The transitional breathing/pulse mode is activated by pressing Function + Lighting key when in the single color breathing/pulse mode, it fades the lighting from one color to the next. The marquee mode (press Function + Lighting when in rainbow mode) which can be made to shift the rainbow colors from left to right or right to left using these keys: Function + Left/Right arrow keys.

Then there is the reactive lighting mode by pressing the Lighting key when lights are off which lights up a key and its surrounding keys when pressed, the colors change when any key that is light is pressed again and if nothing happens for a couple of seconds the light will go off.


Final Thoughts

The Havit LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is affordable, practical with a sturdy sleek design with features gamers need to execute the fastest possible attacks on their enemies.

AULA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Adjustable Backlight

AULA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Adjustable Backlight

This mechanical gaming keyboard fulfills all of the requirements you need in a gaming keyboard, for much lesser money than most of the keyboards. With the plug and play option it virtually installs itself. The backlit LED lights is bright enough to show the keys in a dark room when playing or even typing.

Although the keys are plastic you won’t even notice a difference in typing. Response rate of the keys are fast enough for what it’s worth even though the keys feel s a bit mushy when key presses is actuated. This one of the best waterproof gaming keyboards and also comes with a keycap plunger and 8 replaceable keycaps. The keys are made with a square hole in the chassis and don’t easily break when replacing or cleaning the keys.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Product description:
1. Space saving design with beautiful grade texture
2. Responsive keys with excellent hand feel
3. Reduce hand fatigue with comfortable hand rest
4. Backlit with 3 LED colors
5. Multiple shortcut keys

Technical Specifications

  1. USB connector
  2. Keyboard weight: 683g
  3. 6 Multimedia keys
  4. Color: Black
  5. Key Force: 50+/-g

Package includes:

  1. Keyboard with 6Feet cable
  2. User Manuel


This keyboard is awesome for gamers or programmers who need a relatively good but affordable keyboard. The keys are all arranged in a very constructible and layout is well made for typists. Backlit is clear and can be adjusted between blue, red and purple which ever should suit your need. The lighting can be adjusted between slowly pulsating, off, low or high.

The only complaint that I’ve found on the keyboard is the positioning of the ENTER Key and the vertical back slash key which has been swapped.  It may take a while to get use to the change of keys especially for typists who use these keys very often.

 Final Thought

This mechanical gaming keyboard which you can buy at a really affordable price makes an excellent choice for students who don’t have the capital for expensive gaming keyboards. This is a no frills no fuss keyboard which I personally can recommend for gamers and even programmers.

Azio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review for Gamers

Azio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review for Gamers

Buying a new mechanical keyboard to match your brand new gaming PC can sometimes be as frustrated as I can imagine. Well not even considering the hefty price tags that some gaming keyboards have. Furthermore choosing the best keyboard that has all the benefits like anti-ghosting, backlighting, responsive feedback and custom profiles with the best price can be a daunting task. Looking at the Azio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard this gamer’s delight could be just up your alley. Features of the Azio Gaming Keyboard include:

• Windows key lock
• Mechanical Key switches
• Easy access to shortcut keys
• Detachable palm rest
• White LED Backlit

Description of Azio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard features:

Azio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Windows key lock: The windows key lock is must have feature for gamers. This feature prevents gamers from accidentally restarting their PC or Laptop when In the middle of battle. The key lock doesn’t have to be programmed to activate. The windows key lock can be found on the bottom left corner between the Alt and Ctrl buttons of the keyboard.

Mechanical Key Switches: These types of switches (mechanical) can be found in most gaming keyboards, especially those that have a higher price tag. Mechanical switches will give the player a better bounce rate and you’ll definitely hear a clickety-clack sound even when typing. Not only will you experience a faster fluctuation of the switches but it can be switched out with different keys. Most mechanical keyboards WASD and arrow keys can be replaced using a key cap puller.

Easy Access to Shortcut Keys: Accessing volume control, documents, e-mail, and a calculator is just a fingertip away. These keys can be found on the top left-hand corner of the keyboard for easy access.

Detachable Palm Rest: Gaming long hours can lead to wrist fatigue and extreme pain in the joints. Azio provided a detachable wrist rest for gamers to help with wrist fatigue so gamers can enjoy longer periods of gamers.

White LED Backlit: Backlighting is also one important feature from this mechanical keyboard. The white LED lights can be set to accompany your taste (low, medium or high). This feature is great for gamers who like to play in darker areas or at night time with no dedicated lights.

Overall Look and Feel

Azio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Azio mechanical keyboard is provided with the gunmetal grey aluminum face plate which makes it look more durable than it is. Underneath you’ll find to extendable feet rest for better support when the keyboard is placed at an upward angle. Also provided with underneath the keyboard is rubber feet securing the keyboard from moving around when playing games or during some casual typing.


Like any gaming peripheral, this keyboard also has its flaws but the PROS heavily overshadow the cons. The keyboard has a plastic key puller and can easily break when you try to replace the keycaps. The keyboard also not water resistant which means there are no water drip feed channels in place for accidental water splashes.

Final Thoughts
Overall the Azio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard makes one nice gaming keyboard for those who are not willing to spend huge amount of cash on a keyboard. Performs and style are as good as can expected from a gaming keyboard under 60 dollars.

Buying a New PC

download-2When it comes to the matter of buying a new PC, the most important thing to pay attention to are the processor and the peripherals. Each PC needs information stockpiling, and however that is something RAM does, the larger part of it will go onto your hard drive. Also, the peripherals on your PC will be really particular to your necessities, so you’ll have to consider whether you’ll need them, and exactly what number of them you need. Then again, you may do everything online and simply need as few openings in your machine as could reasonably be expected.

Things to Consider When Buying a New PC

monitor screen protectorThere is, gratefully, a standard that most PC peripherals pick to utilize, and it can be anything from a mouse, computer screen protector and consoles too hard drives and screens. A present day rendition of USB is quicker than its forerunners, however, there’s an even more up to date variant of USB, which offers gigabits of transfer speed and the capacity to handle enough current to control a portable workstation. It is understandable that you would feel confused about one thing or another with how fast Computer hardware and software technology is developing.

Considerations When Buying a PC

downloadThere are many things you need to pay attention to before buying a PC that suits you. For example, the hard drive. If you plan to simply have your PC and no peripherals, you might need to decide on the greatest hard drive you can. This is measured in gigabytes, or terabytes for additional huge drives, since the majority of your documents and projects will be put away on the PC. On the off chance that you don’t plan to have numerous applications on your PC, and won’t store media on it, then you can settle on a littler hard drive and spare yourself some cash.
Important Considerations When Buying a PC
images-1On the off chance that you can deal with having just a couple of bigger projects introduced on your PC at once, and plan to continue everything else put away on an outer gadget, you can most likely get a speedy gadget with a strong state drive to keep the PC zippy at all times, and still figure out how to stream excellent media through a USB association. A few applications may even have the capacity to keep running from an outside hard drive. You’ll additionally need to pay consideration to information exchange transmission capacity. The higher, the processing power (horse power) the better. If you are feeling confused about any matter regarding Computer hardware and software you can find the solution to the problem immediately.